“If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

A year ago Michael Waller revived an idea that Liberty Arts had been mulling over for some years.

 Those years were spent participating in the revival of the area now known as Durham Central Park.    Many of our artists were working out of various studios within the old Liberty Warehouse and we shared the foundry space in the George Watts Hill Pavilion.

 Wonderful growth and change was happening around us and Liberty Arts wanted to participate. The idea was born to bring a large-scale sculpture show to the City of Durham by inviting artists from all over the country to come and exhibit their sculptures publicly , turning our city into a large art gallery.

 Many of you know that our dream was put temporarily on hold, because we became homeless. The roof of the Liberty Warehouse collapsed on a rainy Sunday in May 2011 around 1 pm. The news spread like wildfire and by 4 pm that day all of the artists, and a huge part of the community had waded through ankle deep water in darkness and pulled out most of our possessions.

 Next came the offers of housing us. Kind friends and fellow artists took us in and helped store our tools and materials. The community stepped up yet again and we were  looking at alternative warehouses that were willing to offer us space.

 We soon moved into the Cordoba Center for the Arts right behind the Golden Belt and in May 2012, one year after the roof collapse we celebrated the Liberty Arts Grand Opening in our new space at 923 Franklin Street in Durham. More than 800 people came out to celebrate with us and help us move forward.

 We felt like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes and in that moment renewed our vision for a Bull City Sculpture Show, our gift to Durham in thanks for all the love and support. 

Here we are, seeing our vision become a reality.

And, once again, we could not have done it without you!